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Tom ShepherdProfessionally Speaking I’m currently a Case Management evangelist for Global 360 where my primary focus is on working with customers to help them realize the benefits of Case Management, as well as helping drive our product strategy related to Case Management and Document Management. In this role I have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a number of BPM and Document Management implementations with our customers. Prior to joining Global 360 in early 2007, I spent several years in the Enterprise Content Management industry, a few more in the Configuration / Rules space, and before that in Product Lifecycle Management. Most of the past 15 years I’ve been in a customer facing role, doing pre- and post-sales work with customers. If you’re hear reading this you also know that I do a bit of writing, most notably contributing a chapter to “Mastering the Unpredictable,” a book on how Adaptive Case Management will revolutionize knowledge worker productivity.

Much of the past decade I’ve spent focused on the Insurance industry, working largely with Health and Life insurers, and the occasional P&C or Specialty provider here and there. Given that the competitive differentiators for many of these customers was around the execution of their business, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to talk to people about how various pieces of technology solve (or don’t) their problems.

Beyond these four walls
What happens once the laptop closes and the blackberry is off (which is seldom)? Living in NH (the epicenter of software, I know), I tend to try and get outside and enjoy the world whether it’s on a motorcycle or snowmobile, hiking, scuba diving, skiing and snowboarding.

Any excuse to break out a camera and combine those hobbies with photography is fine too.  You can see some of my photography on my SmugMug site.

On those less than pleasant days where it’s too hot, cold, rainy or snowy to do any of that, I enjoy music, movies and video games.

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